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Mon Aug 21 16:50:52 BST 2006

Please accept my sincere apologies Richard the apparent tone behind your
response seemed to be so far removed from the outgoing attitude of the
Richard Offen that I know,  that I was truly surprised if not completely
As a newcomer I confess that I had not understood that "this group is for
those interested in the history and archaeology of *bells, their framework
and fittings*" and wrongly assumed that bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com was
all-inclusive as far as bell history is concerned.
Again, not only Richard but the rest of you please accept my sincere
I know nothing of  belfry archaeology so am not likely to contribute
anything of interest to you all
On the suggestion of Roderic Bickerton I might  re-write my findings as an
article to the Ringing World

Once again, I am sorry for being so rude

Eddie Martin

On 8/21/06, Richard Offen <richard at BuGZGEr1CNOrnvRCyH7Y3ApSPLAUIL76oANF3k7o9GvldhFbcsrVfzVWAwGmp79bGgt4oizLDw7Z.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> > I would have thought that this questiuon belongs on this list and
> deserves
> > an answer from this list Perhaps you should ask Richard why he thought
> the
> > matter would be more relevant to the other list rather than to this one.
> I
> > would be interested to know myself
> > mew
> >
> I personally find this whole subject absolutely fascinating but, to quote
> from the front cover of this list, "this group is for those interested in
> the history and archaeology of *bells, their framework and fittings*" and,
> having had my wrists slapped in the past for taking us 'off topic', I
> thought we should draw things to a close before getting into trouble!
> Perhaps someone should start a history of change ringing group ...I'd
> certainly subscribe!
> Richard
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