[Bell Historians] Royal, or other names

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> Just grow up all of you.
> This is a histoians' list and I would agree with those who say that 
this should include the hisory of ringing. It isn't explicitly stated 
on the Yahoo page, but that was written several years ago when the 
list was set up and reflected my own interests. I do not have in-
depth knowledge of ringing history, hence have not contributed to 
this debate, but it is a suitable subject for this list - more so, I 
would have thought, than for the ringing theory list.
> So by all means discuss it here, and please stop this petty arguing.
> David

Who was arguing?   I certainly wasn't intending to argue with my 
great friend Ed Martin.   I was simply conscious of some of the 
complaints we've had on this list in the past about things that were 
not devoted exclusively to the history of the bells themselves.

I shall now go back and re-read Ed's contributions, because I've 
rather lost the thread!   Something to do with my age probably 
the use of aluminium saucepans when I was a child :-)

Best wishes to all from Down Under,



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