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Hello (timidly)
I was going to go away quietly but several years ago I did some research
into the origin of "Queens" and "Whittingtons". Initially, I was prepared to
accept as the legend has it, that possibly Gloriana heard the 6 bells of
(wherever) stopped in her tracks, proclaimed "I like it" and from then on
the change that she heard & liked -  135246 has been known as the Queen's
change. Well, its plausible - not likely but plausible. But, as for 531246
"Turn again Whittington". as heard by Dick Whittington, no, I don't think
so. As I've said, I know nothing of belfry archaeology (not even sure how to
spell it) but I would have thought that in his day (he died in 1423) he is
not likely to have heard 6 bells playing 531246.
I won't bore you with trying to recall the results of my findings (perhaps
ANOTHER article for the Ringing World?) but these, together with the origin
of bob and sally and why Treble & Tenor? might form a series of articles in
the RW from the pen of
Yours respectfully
Eddie Martin
PS any comments, suggestions help in preparing these articles would be
gratefully accepted (off list)

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>  Ah, someone back to the basic question!
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> > Why are changes on 10 bells called Royal?
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