[Bell Historians] CCC Bells & Clocks Committee

David Bryant davidbryant at H9W3GiK7DWjSCy7wsT8w4JsIyxC5IBuak5KpvnztrARX8_zYKOGbLR-vai954LLLYyZwtfGHlUlueVFk-nY8vA.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 30 09:33:44 BST 2006

>David - don't jump to conclusions. The question was "who", not "how". I 
>don't think the CCC regards itself as a secret organisation.

The trouble is that if somebody says they have, we will then move on to the 
how, and back into the same discussion already aired a number of times. 
However, as I said in my previous email, if anyone has anything new to 
contribute they can do so here.



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