'Simpson' tuning

David Bryant davidbryant at F8AXJU8fyhigadIE3vluJ5ZSJyedIQ9-8BZZiqhlNOYnaRj2GPzZLKnhIxxwQPNw1KCAFYa0e9r4c0WIiqwmPA.yahoo.invalid
Thu Aug 31 17:44:56 BST 2006

> mixture of old-style and true-harmonic in one peal shows neither off 
to best advantage.

But there are some very successful rings containing a mixture. That 
said, those which usually work best have a good back end and possibly 
also a good front end which does a lot to cover up inadequacies in the 
middle - Exeter Cathedral ia a case in point. Cast by five different 
founders at eight different dates, they are nonetheless a very fine 
twelve. The front three, 7th and tenor are true harmonic Taylor bells, 
and the 9th, 10th and 110th Purdue, Evans, Purdue respectively) are, 
after tuning by Taylor's in 1902, effectively true-harmonic. Some of 
the middle bells are not so good, and although this is noticeable if 
they are rung on their own it is not really an issue when all 12 are 
rung together.



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