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Whats Dove on-line???

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Full details already on Dove on-line. John Baldwin informed me recently that
Whitechapel are now supplying details direct provided this is acceptable to
the parish concerned. The diameters (but not the exact weights) of the
original ring were recorded in the old Whitechapel "Peals book" so these
details are the first recorded weights
Haven't seen this week's RW yet, but I had always understood these to be a
complete ring of 1788 - cast at Whitechapel and hung by Edward Simmons - so
am surprised by the 1789 reference

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Todays RW, p.1142.
If as the RW article states, that 2 trebles were ordered in Feb 1789, how
can all 8 bells have the same inscription, including the date 1788 ??
Does anyone have accurate diameters & weights please.


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