[Bell Historians] Redundant bells in Greenock

Robert Lewis editor at pQlv13kKVXhoSNG2JRyAkjHAV03AuB21RcfJAodpGTebG-4ywRFmHW4mtN84-mMgpxaLob3XnIuy5X-b3sPjh3tmGw.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 6 15:30:32 GMT 2006

At 13:14 06/12/2006, Dickon wrote:

>Why is everyone bitching about this? I think Robert was asking a little 
>more than just "what is there", which can indeed be found online. He (and 
>I presume others) want to know what is happening now, what the process is 
>for such decommissioned churches and the impact on the bells for this 
>church, etc.

Thanks Dickon. I suspect that GAD just has it in for me - due to some 
perceived slight!  (no more photo favours for you, George!!)

But, hey, I can live with that.

You are quite right - I was after something rather more than the bare facts 
from the (excellent) databases mentioned.



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