[Bell Historians] Redundant bells in Greenock

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at O7cVgM9crAnw--Q_t20PmGK6UQ4_BqNG6e1gOWf635I0zKE_YUfMdqUakZawQM0g_y1pC20UumM5yQLQ.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 6 23:35:30 GMT 2006

Many thanks to David Cawley for providing details of the old bells - 
a very curious history, indeed!

I wonder, why the isolated treble in the original chime?

Presumably the first clavier was installed when the 7 were augmented 
to 9 in 1912.

Apparently this was always a chime, so the Greenock Telegraph's 
report that Andrew McKellar was "part of the team that rang the 
bells" in 1945 is rather strange, as is the report that "The 
traditional bells and ropes, first installed in the church in 1889, 
are long gone."  If the original diatonic six had been hung for 
ringing (as well as for the mechanical chiming of changes), then the 
work of 1912 would seemingly have had to involve some rehanging.

The one missing bit of current information is whether the 10th bell 
of 1950 is a semitone or a diatonic treble.



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