[Bell Historians] Musical scales

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Thu Dec 7 10:27:42 GMT 2006

Please, Record frequencies, preferably all 5 and let the computer look
up the notes.
By all means display notes and have frequencies buried in a details
I would like to see a single blow sound bite included in the details.
I would argue that a bell only exists because of its sound and if that
is lost, the bell is lost no mater what other detail is recorded.

It seems that the focus of the original discussion has shifted rather a
long way from the topic.

Carl has put together some extensive arguments as to why the status-quo
with the Dove site is OK. It seems to me that most, if not all, other
contributors disagree. The web link provided by Bill Hibbert (on
enharmonics) explains very nicely why the format used on Dove is wrong -
the "grammar", as Sam puts it.

Do we have something like a consensus from this list? I'm certain that
the matter of recording details accurately is right at the heart of many


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