[Bell Historians] Redundant bells in Greenock

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Strangely, when compiling this I had assumed that the 1889 work was also Gillett's; but Chris raises a query. The only Scots founder at the time able to cast a set of bells would have been John C Wilson of Glasgow. But then it also needs checking against the (several) English founders at the time Gillett (& whoever in 1889, probably Co) amongst them.

On George's "obvious question" it would be very good to check out all these things, but as I said in my previous posting, they were all destroyed in the 1948 fire.

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  T he obvious question is are there any identifying names on the chiming machine, & come to that if the clock is 1889 who made that?
  Anyone in Glasgow fancy doing some detective work!


    I'm also intrigued to know who cast the original six of 1889 - apparently not Tayor or Mears. Any information out there?

    Chris P  

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