Taylor bells in Denmark

David Bagley david at nckH00I-e83LLZamUOIrmbCpTxMSchQIVfQFKKXXubcdU3-vMiIItxV-nyuvjcuVvhDr3KCGFloPRrWTx1c-lkTU9g.yahoo.invalid
Fri Dec 8 12:34:52 GMT 2006

>From http://www.carillon.dk/kort_historie_dk.htm

"Then in 1920 a chime with stockklaviatur and five very big bells came over 
from one of these new firms (Taylor in Great Britain) and was installed in 
Zionskirken in Esbjerg. (Esbjerg-Harwich) is the main ferry-rute to GB). It 
was supposed to be extended, but remained not."

Does anybody know any more details?


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