[Bell Historians] Redundant bells in Greenock

David Bryant davidbryant at X-TnlxvXQITDwL_50lYaUcxSxO1ydefbZFzWiKkkhgAuMotV7DcU5hLf1PPIQ2hvGzAOSkfaL6GYL29dZb9X280.yahoo.invalid
Fri Dec 8 22:19:55 GMT 2006

> Herewith are the details of St George, Greenock taken from G&J's Tuning
Book No 15, p115-6.:
> Recast 9 and augment to 10 in late April/early May 1950. 

So basically they are an octave with a flat 2nd and a sharp 5th.

The weight distribution of the octave is very similar to St Wilfrid's, York.
These were a diatonic ten-bell G&J chime from Thornham, Lancashire. The back
eight were hung at St Wilfrid's with two Taylor trebles to make 10. As an
eight, they work OK but the trebles are somewhat weak - they were retained
for financial reasons, and ideally the two smallest (or ideally the three
smallest) should have been replaced with heavier bells. If this Greenock
chime was ever hung for ringing, the same would apply - they would probably
work reasonably well as they are, but would make a much better ring if the
back five and three heavier trebles were used.



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