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A slight error on my part has occurred in transcribing. Bell No 1174 is 9-2-23, not 10-2-23.
Apologies all round.
Alan Buswell

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   To complete the Greenock picture, the 1889 bells were by Gillett & Co.
  The church was built as Greenock Free Middle church (see: http://www.inverclyde.gov.uk/Economic_Development/index.php?module=article&view=292), and as such received in 1889 six bells from Gillett & Co, details of which have been kindly provided by Alan Buswell:

  1174        39 1/2" 10 -2-23  G . All 1889 
    1178,   36"   8-2-24 A 
   1179,   33"   7-1-9 B 
    1180.   31"   5-2-8  C 
   1181,   28"   4-3-25  E 
   1175,   29"   4-2-20  D   All May be Cast weights.  

  In 1911 they were augmented to eight by adding a treble & tenor bell, and replacing  the 4th bell with a new one. Clearly the sound from the tower was less than satisfactory with 5 old style bells and 3 new style ones so in 1913 the chime was 'modernised'  by replacing all the 1889 bells, tuning the treble of 8 down to become the second of 8 and providing a new treble (Bell 2742) as well as the flat second (bell 2743). [See AAJB's recent email giving details of the 1911/13 work]. The rest is, as they say 'history'.


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