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Dave Kelly from the Keltek Trust his aware of these bells and has contact
addresses for both St George's North and St Luke's.  I understand that the
new congregation will worship in St Luke's, and both ministers are to serve
together until the senior minister retires.  He is the Rev W Douglas
Hamilton.  The Scottish Association have already been in touch, but he is
very happy for Keltek to be in touch with him direct, and is interested to
learn what their input might be.


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  Has anyone made a bid for these bells yet?

  Will the Church of Scotland be taking offers?  Or do they have some sort
of set process for advertising and disposing of redundant assets like this?
(Sealed bids?!!!)


  At 15:15 13/12/2006, DLC wrote:

    Perhaps sopme independent soul will tabulate the correct dimensions at
each of the four incarnations!


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