[Bell Historians] Double Clappering - Advice please

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Isn't the chiming machine a converted mangle? Surely this must be unique and 
worthy of mention on the list.


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A bit of history. First peal at this tower in 1978 (after Fred Colley had 
rehung the trbele and overhauled the fittings), the band included P. Border 
1, C Pickford 2, ... not much room for anyone else in that tiny ringing room 
(with a huge fixed ladder in the middle). PB was sure George Fearn's band 
had rung peals there, but the 1978 one was the first peal recorded by 

More of a problem stopping the clappers going over, as I recall - bang the 
stay too hard and you're done. Double-clappering is probably preferable to 
not striking, so beware alterations that increase the risk of a clapper 
going over.

Interesting experience ahead - good luck (won't go so far as to say 


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  Although not strictly Bell History, the list seems the best place to
  pose this question:

  I've got a certain 3cwt Warner 8 for a peal on Saturday and wish to
  cure the treble of double clappering at backstroke. Are the any simple
  tricks to remedy this e.g. putting a weight on the clapper?




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