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Sat Dec 23 22:58:03 GMT 2006

Hello Jim,

AFAIK, Liverpool Cathedral was the first radial frame, but then I am no 
frame expert  Another question would be how many towers have sawtooth 
frames like Vancouver?

IMHO there is no room for any additional bells in Miami above the 
existing bells and the radial layout cannot be enlarged as it already 
utilizes all available space in the tower.  The steel bearing supports 
are welded to steel plates which were installed along with the concrete 

Washington's frame is totally different as the steel bearing supports 
are installed on top of reinforced concrete pillars.   To augment this 
ring would involve removing all existing concrete pillars.  I do not 
know how it could be done in any other way.

Unfortunately I know nothing about the frame in Liverpool Cathedral 
other than it is a radial frame.  This is naughty of me because although 
I've rung there I never went upstairs to see the bells.

Best wishes and A Merry Christmas

Alan Ellis
Vancouver BC



jimhedgcock wrote:

> Was Liverpool Anglican Cathedral the first?
> What happens when an augmentation is required - can the new bells
> satisfactorily go on top or is a new frame required?
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