Madras chiming manual

Richard Offen richard.offen at
Sat Dec 23 23:02:24 GMT 2006

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> One other thing about MADRAS is that the chiming manual is roped 
the wrong way round, i.e. the bass bell is on the right hand end and 
the treble on the left. Unusual for Mears but quite normal with 
Harrington's tubes.

There are one or two 'back-to-front' chime racks to Taylor chimes in 
New Zealand.   

At Nelson Cathedral (South Island) we have come to the conclusion 
that the local contractor who installed the bells put the rack in the 
wrong way round and that it was intended to be operated from the 
south side of the tower rather than the north (or is it east and 
west?   I can't remember!).



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