[Bell Historians] Peculiar Churches.

Andrew Wilby andrew at _acQnQlzyD_4a2ZPcx1Pcc3A1KXEEkOWj0pkWrQzP-dgunXnnbk6kO_fN3swLNFhwql8-aS50bJSHic.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 27 10:52:37 GMT 2006

Trinity Wall St New York is also a Peculiar.

It received a Royal Charter in 1697 from the King. This was reconfirmed 
by the state after independence.

The Rector, Churchwardens and Vestry of Trinity actually own the church 
whereas I'm told the every other Episcopal Church possession in the USA 
in in the name of the Bishops. They don't push the subject of their 
autonomy though!



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