[Bell Historians] Re: Radial Frames

Richard Offen richard.offen at OOk6f44NwNymIiRRSL77XoNnJMWJ9ky2DM7S7FAw3dcnxYM7JVvRovrcT5OwVq7M8wZrkneMCauqUXWhyLpU34wBzQ.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 27 12:50:12 GMT 2006

> Alan Hughes wrote an excellent article on radial frames for the RW: 
see 2004, p97 (front cover onwards). There is a photograph in this 
article of the Miami bellframe in Whitechapel's works
> Chris Povey

My description was a generalisation.   See my previous posting for the 
web reference to the article you mention Chris, which is on the 
Whitechapel web site.



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