[Bell Historians] Peculiar

John Camp camp at 6R5uiXrpkSzS2vWkZDd-JSWOawqamr7mqgSPI0VBUmkjLy7_gEyU9e3muKN6xF3m3v3knI7ZIGtsOnS-ob1X.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 27 22:16:26 GMT 2006

At 22:06 on 27 December 2006, Andrew Case wrote:

> Of course this may all be local legend!

I think that this is the problem.  And the local clergy are often not
good guides to the legal situation.  They want to believe that they are
in some way unusual.

When I get access to the article I have mentioned, I'll put it on a

John Camp


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