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Tue Feb 14 13:58:25 GMT 2006

> You're wrong, Richard!
> Wormhill (formerly the lightest ring of bells in a church) is between
> 315 & 320 metres above sea level. However, the nearby 5 at Chelmorton
> approximately 370 metres. Both of these are in the Derbyshire Peak
> District, near Bakewell. Another contender is the eight at Queensbury,
> between Halifax & Bradford which is at a similar height. According to
> the local website http://www.queensburyvillage.co.uk/ "at 1100 feet
> above sea level, we can boast the highest high school in England, and
> ...it is recorded that the parish church possesses the highest peal of
> bells in the British Isles."
> Simon

There you are, you see I just knew someone would tell me!

Thank you Simon.


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