Easton Cambridge

Roderic Kenneth Bickerton roderic.bickerton at yZGU58Ja8vDmG-K1w2QgjKJlADIxVGERVwlr6pKqPjbG6AIMERlRb0K9dNn3hJs3UWHtB5JESJeNY-1MGe6a2qKXWN9uJPw.yahoo.invalid
Wed Feb 15 14:59:09 GMT 2006

A lost 4
I believe they were 1,2 Henry Penn 1718, 3, CW Taylor 1821 and 4, 
possibly A Leicester founder. Dia. 39 inches.
Currently 2 are on a metal frame beneath the old frame and hung dead.
This done 30 or 40 years ago.
Is this correct?
Which 2 remain? I have been told they were retuned.
What became of the others?

I currently do not have a working PC at home.


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