[Bell Historians] Towers with lifts (was highest ring of bell s)

Richard Offen richard at YajYWID-OflITKBdTykUDANpDhy7odMiRwumavEfCoRoRoiGBUnyi20cVysMuh1LGwyQWYiV0x82.yahoo.invalid
Mon Feb 20 13:35:27 GMT 2006

> From the crypt to the same floor as the ASCY library. When the main 
> was closed for a few weeks during the cleaning of stonework around 
the base
> of the tower, the only access was via this lift.
> DrL

Didn't our worthy and respected List Monitor call for a halt to 
correspondence on lifts last week?

Couldn't we go on to something else now ...don't know what, but almost 
anything would be more interesting than lifts!   

By the way, I always use the stairs at Swan Bells!



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