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Before anyone goes rushing off to Wigan to 'have a swing', the slow swinger at St Patrick's is electrically swung, and hangs in a structure a few feet off the ground. It was an amazingly troublesome bell in its early days. Worth a visit by those who like me enjoy visitng large, impressive castings.

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  I can offer the following extract from the Croydon foundry records - although the places aren't specified very closely in the tuning books (e.g. might just say Wigan - which is what's in Alan Buswell's index) and I may have associated this set of bells with the wrong church

  Wigan, St.Paul, Goose Green, Lancs: Gillett & Johnston foundry records, 1934 - clock chimes of five bells, 1 (5051) 1311/16" 0-2-5 E, 2 (5103) 15.125" 0-2-24.5 D, 3 (5053) 16.875" 1-0-9 C, 4 (5054) 22.25" 2-1-16ΒΌ G, 5 (5055) 32" 6-1-17 C

  However, the Catholic Directory (2003) doesn't list a church of the Holy Cross in Wigan

  The most notable bell in a Catholic church in Wigan is at St.Patrick's - a Taylor slow-swinger of 1955, 63.625", 49-1-27


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