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Knottingley were installed during October 1995 as a brand-new 10, though does incorporate the former Taylor clock-bell (stationary) as the 9th.
  There is an interesting aside on this installation which was masterminded by Fr Hugh Lawrance (previous, much simpler, plans drawn up in the 1960's never coming to fruition).  During 1994 the Church had two ringing priests (Fr Hugh and Fr Gary Mann) but effectively no bells.  When Fr Gary left in 1994 to become Team Vicar in Brighouse Fr Hugh announced that he would have a ring of bells at Knottingley within 2 years to which Fr Gary's reply was "if you do that I'll kiss your feet! - words not forgotton by Fr Hugh who, prior to the opening rounds of the try-out, required said feet to be kissed before the bells sounded.  Fr Gary duly obliged!  If memory serves me correctly, Alan Hughes of Whitechapel was also present.
  Sadly, Fr Gary passed away last year and is sadly missed by all those who knew him and his (very) wicked sense of humour.
  Peter C Kirby

Michael Wilby <michael at v7MoEiET71fu0kjBvdTOcR1mqeuql0IxwZpccpejuqVMB3tJq8KM6WTtlAKsmfcInR-uVgUB_S9afH-2aIfaW8z4lhwvWQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
  During the open day at St Paul's Birmingham yesterday, the question was 
asked: "where was the last tower without a ring of bells which had a 10 
installed?". I would guess Knottingley in the early 90s?

There must have been a few prior to this, and of course overseas towers 
will feature significantly in recent years. So which are the "virgin" 
towers that first received a ring of 10?


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