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JT records:

1. 2'3 1/2" 4-1-12, 1/4 sharp of D#
2. 2'5 1/2" 5-1-8, 1/4 sharp of C#

Both cast 7th June 1871 and despatched 5th July 1873

Inscription on treble:

Presented to Stawley Church by the Revd. John Hayne in the
year 1872. Who had been rector of the parish for 30 years.


Revd. J:P:Hayne 1872

Tenor note given as G#

As the relationship between the tenor and the trebles seems to be
correct, is it more a case of the bells being a long way out of what we
consider to be in tune rather than a modal relationship to which the
bells may bear some passing resemblance? Unlikely to be 1-5 of 8 if the
two trebles are a whole tone apart.

Good Friday afternoon material, Matthew.


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>Has anyone got the outline details fo the bells at Stawley, Somerset?

Back three medieval Exeter foundry. Two trebles Taylor's 1870s. Canons
front two, retained on back three. Frame & fittings by Arthur Fiddler - 
fabricated steel canon retaining stocks on back two, RSJ stocks on
Lowside frame - if I remember rightly it's a 6-bell frame.

The bells are tuned in the Lydian mode (i.e. 1-5 of 8) - don't know why 
Taylor's did this.

So far as I'm aware the bells were not weighed when Arthur Fiddler
them - tenor approx. 8 cwt.


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