[Bell Historians] Stawley.

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Fri Jan 20 21:22:53 GMT 2006

> No! 1-5 of 8 is not Lydian. Lydian would be like a normal (major) 5 
but with
> the tenor a semi tone flat.


Lydian is, from the tonic: tone, tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone, 
semitone, as produced by playing eight white notes on a piano starting 
at F and ascending. Therefore, in bell terms, Lydian is 2-9 of a ring 
of 12, and consequently 1-5 of 8.

A normal Major five with the tenor a semitone flat would give you, from 
the tonic: 3 semitones, tone, semitone, tone. So far as I am aware, 
this doesn't correspond to any musical mode at all.

See http://www.bellhistorians.org.uk/modality.htm



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