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Sat Jan 28 23:03:10 GMT 2006

I am working on restoring and rehanging a bronze fire bell that was 
produced by A. Fulton's Son and Company, Pittsburg. PA (USA)in the 
late 1800's. On the outside of the bell is cast "Sutter Creek Fire 
Co. - Ordered by Wm. M. Tucker". - Question #1 - In the tradition of 
bells, if Tucker's name is prominently cast on the bell, is it safe 
to assume that he paid for the bell as a gift to the fire dept? - 
Question #2 - Inside the bell are thin metal strips or arms that 
hang down in line with where the clapper strikes the bell and it 
looks like there may have been strips of leather attached at the 
ends. They appear to be bumpers, what do they do? Are they found 
on bells that swing or fixed bells or both. Our bell has been 
mounted on a tower since 1907 and rung with ropes pulling the 
clapper from side to side, but was probably in a belfry before 
that. I can supply photos, if that would help.
Thanks for any information that you can supply.
Ed Arata
Sutter Creek Fire Dept.
Sutter Creek, California
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