[Bell Historians] Filby, Norfolk

Barry Pickup jbpickup at ...
Tue Jan 31 11:18:03 GMT 2006

--- Mike Chester <mike at ...> wrote:

> There has been a question about Filby, All Saints,
> Norfolk on 
> Nabbers. There is no mention of bells on any list I
> can find. A 
> local website says:
> >>Tower houses five 17th century bells which are
> rung by a chiming 
> apparatus
> Can anyone flesh out the details, please?
> Mike
I was told by the Whitechapel bellhanger who fitted
Ellacombe hammers to them many years ago that he had
to "mangle" the wheels (or what remained of them) to
fit them. The bells are probably physically unringable
without a great deal of work.


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