Handbell origin inquiry

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at Wql9TO66bep0JnOJtfAJd0tk6rNbpEk49GnA3UcdA65IzbT1BzSmcUpdhzPDN2S86EeaBCXqSwVh-A.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jul 1 04:26:47 BST 2006

Recently I received the following inquiry.  I've told Mr. Balch that 
G&J undoubtedly stands for Gillett & Johnston, but I have no idea 
about "ARP".  Can anyone enlighten us?


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>From: "David Balch" <davidrbalch at jE-jQ-PsGayNzzXZOw7WosgmHq7P5l5WvcsqKui-dFZy_LcseLBu1HpgI69l8xBWoD4fXFRpfr-S8HsQM90.yahoo.invalid>
>To: <csz_stl at gJkSnS2DWtDLjnnoqE6kUPc449KLBEZnBZ49yvnsr0NOjyn1jsLfei8cpdrYFWvRC0gv2j73a5RN.yahoo.invalid>
>Subject: TowerBells BellFoundries inquiry
>Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 22:05:35 -0400
>I have a beautiful handbell with 2 encriptions: G&J 1939 (I assume 
>that's the foundry and date of manufacture) on one side; also, the 
>initials, ARP. Can you help me identify? Thank you.
>David R. Balch

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