Stolen Bells

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Fri Jul 7 16:34:36 BST 2006

We have been approached by the Winchester Diocese concerning the theft on 
Wednesday night of 2 bells from Quarley, Hampshire.  Three bells were in a 
sort of reduced lych gate affair in the churchyard.  The two stolen weigh 
around 6 or 7 cwt.

Details of the stolen bells: taken from W.E.Colchester. Hampshire Church 
Bells; Their Founders and Inscriptions.

Makers mark small black letter "s"
Sancta maria ora pro no bis        [Small Rectangular 
stop]            Reading Foundry (previously established at Chertsey Abbey 
and Wokingham)
circa 1550,  possibly by John Sanders.
The parish believe this to be a 13th Century bell, but this may not be the 

LOVE GOD 1636    I D      Cast in Salisbury in 1636 by John Dawton 
(previously known as John Danton) -
[Chris Dalton has recently identified his correct name in his Church Bells 
of Dorset].

Winchester have asked us to put the word out to ringers just in case.  Full 
details will appear in RW of 14 July.

Jackie Roberts            
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