[Bell Historians] Re: Some Irish questions: Matthew O'Byrne

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Mon Jul 17 07:00:17 BST 2006

Why i need the photos i am starting to compile a history for the bells i 
ring at saint carthages Lismore , for thier centenary celebrations .
also i believe that a copy of the lismore 12 were made for longford Ireland 
for saint Mells ...after the then bishop of saint Mells heard the lismore 
bells in a recital given on them at the foundry by count John McCormack's 
musical director and accompanist D.R. Vincent O'Brien .Can anyone tell me 
any details of longford saint mells bells and are there any pictures of them 
with thanks John Maloney

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>Subject: [Bell Historians] Re: Some Irish questions: Matthew O'Byrne
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> > There is a view of the pattern room, a general view of the machine and
> > erecting shop and 3 views of the foundry. No photo of the man himself,
> > though.
> >
> > If this is of general interest I can try to scan them and upload to
> > the website, or just reply direct to John Maloney.
> >
> > Peter Dyson
> >
>I'm sure others, like me, would be very interested to see the photos


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