[Bell Historians] Fw: Herefordshire school bell

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at dwrJ1wAoRsKO2eokjkqWW7oq1HuEOu_diCOESXqBSV2sj5YjLBZFe8TGAOFgn4xgV9m4SEgqBGBd9XYVrA.yahoo.invalid
Wed Mar 1 07:02:36 GMT 2006

At 19:18 +0000 06/02/28, David Cawley wrote:
>The "broad arrow" is usually the mark of an article made by or the property
>of the Ordnance Department.

Also, it's very clear that the mark was engraved after the bell was 
cast.  So it probably wasn't done by the bellfounder, unless the 
Ordnance Dept cast it themselves.  Are/were there OD facilities which 
might have had the capability to do that?

In the USA, the foundries which made railroad bells, fire engine 
bells, etc., are not generally known to campanologists, because they 
didn't put any identifying marks on their bells.  This bell might 
have come from a similar origin.



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