'Grimthorp' bells & Coddington Herefordshire

George Dawson george at noMIb9bk1Dveo2lXo--CRucsqXSjW609i9CkP-VEuHjOyL3VzymeRXuxzqDCpIzCYtLCPvXAJLwB9K8lbET-0qsuKe4.yahoo.invalid
Thu Mar 2 12:21:37 GMT 2006

Reference my note early in the year about the 'de-Grimthorping' of these
bells, and somebodies enquiry as to whether these were a 'Grimthorp' ring, I
quote from Taylors testamonial booklet of 1870:

>From the Rev George J Curtis, Coddington Rectory Oct 23rd 1866
My dear Sir,
In answer to your note of 13th inst. I beg to say that our six bells,
weighing 46 cwt- the tenor being 12cwt 3qrs - were supplied by Messrs.
Taylor, of Loughborough, and were pronounced to be satisfactory, by E. B.
Denison, Esq, and the Rev. R Cattley, the judges; and most people admire

Cattley was of course involved with the Worcester Cathedral bells.



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