Fwd: Steel bell protective coatings

Robert Lewis editor at nZirKkn2UHOlWSp4S4FpGD-CxCZMqxySZCsIehyVDgKh-ty3_P5UUI4vyQr8shc574rSwuLOUjIR6Fm9olaHnav8.yahoo.invalid
Sun Mar 5 22:56:23 GMT 2006

I have received the following request for information. Any thoughts chaps?

>I'm seeking advice on whether steel bells should be coated with anything 
>to inhibit rust.  We have a local organization that has a steel bell they 
>wish to exhibit outdoors, and are worried about it rusting.  Any 
>advice?  Thank you.
>Donovan Michael Gray
>Preservation Planner
>State Capitol Campus
>Division of Facilities
>General Administration, State of Washington
>United States of America

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