[Bell Historians] Cromwell's Churches

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There are probably several more Commonwealth churches in Scotland to add to
New Cumnock, which is one I hadn't come across before.  Unfortunately as the
Buildings of Scotland series is as yet incomplete, less information is
available.  Inverness Old High Kirk was extensively repaired in 1649 and the
top part of the tower is reckoned to date from them.  It acquired a new bell
shortly afterwards.  The church guide gives the inscription as "Johannes
Burgeses Luys me fecit 1658 Soli Deo Gloria" - the founder's name is
presumably miscopied and should be Burgerhuys.  The detached bell tower at
Ardclach (Nairnshire) was built in 1655 but I have no information about its
bell.  Further south Dunscore, north of Dumfries, had a new church built in
1649 but it was later demolished and replaced by the present one of 1823-4.

Of the English examples, the old church at Taynton was destroyed in 1643.
The new one was built in 1647-48 by order of Parliament so strictly speaking
it's pre Commonwealth.  My source gives the date of Charles Church in
Plymouth as 1640-1658, so I assume that originally it was called something
else.  Does anybody know what?

Peter Rivet
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  I have gleaned the following so far although I doubt it to be

  Taynton Glos 1642
  Holy Trinity Berwick-on-Tweed 1650/2
  Staunton Harold 1653
  Stokesay Castle Salop 1654
  Charles Church Plymouth - now a WW2 ruin...... such a dedication during
  New Cumnock Ayrshire 1657

  Stockton Parish Church certainly isn't despite the rumour.


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