[Bell Historians] Re: Clapper failure information request

David Bryant davidbryant at JOGt3x7hZAQau6MJm9y45o6M0xS_7i1_cLPQrvVZRYhKcLun1Pi-DxmVOhbEnnzl8ZGplqf0grDuf001q4gA8VQ8X_A.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 10 08:33:00 GMT 2006

> "Surely this should be an issue, as turning the clapper of a bell of
> this size is, potentially, an extremely dangerous occupation!"

Depends on a) how difficult it is to get to the bell to turn the clapper and 
b) how often the bells are rung up and down. We have a set of walkways on 
top of the H frame, so turning the clappers is easy - stand on the walkway 
above the bell, throw a piece of rope over the clapper flight and pull it 
across. The 11th always goes up wrong. The tenor varies depending on what 
clapper it has - with a counterbalanced one it will go up right with three 
people on it.

As already mentioned, clapper turners are an option. They have them on the 
tenors at Leeds and Heavitree.



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