David Bryant davidbryant at GMPVoe-S7NQtJc5Ra6uqogjTw-xhYJAPmq-h3Y2UEyFmNW1FJNGlxQDBQE2SxPOcati7ef02gx0R_zTl2bBrUg.yahoo.invalid
Sun Mar 12 00:33:18 GMT 2006

> --- If anyone is interested I still have a few copies of the 1989 
> Inventory of bells.  £2 incl. P&P
> 22 Chestnut Close
> Rushden
> NN10 9RS
> Cheques payable to PDGCBR

And a bargain at the price! (I already have a copy of this informative 
document, and can thoroughly recommend it).



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