[Bell Historians] Re: Clapper failure information request

Andrew Aspland aaspland at w7yjQpXqf42pTDrP2yn-7q6Eef1FhYmTv2JSVAUgBzNrwH9iJ2JWnJqg5MGIgpjK13LJqOEJACtQPlzr.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 17 07:55:58 GMT 2006

At Leeds (the northern one) we have a clapper turner which is operated from
the ringing chamber.  Essentially a short loop of chain mounted on a bar
which runs on two steel cables is pulled across the mouth of the upturned
bell which drags the clapper over.  Very safe!


> Ok so the clapper has to be turned over every time the bell is rung
up but
> it's not an issue in this case.

"Surely this should be an issue, as turning the clapper of a bell of
this size is, potentially, an extremely dangerous occupation!


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