[Bell Historians] Trowbridge Treble

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Sat Mar 18 13:12:14 GMT 2006

> ...when the Parish Priest at Leamington RC church told the 
> ringers (I'm one of them) that he would like an Angelus bell. This seemed
> just the right home, and now Taylors have tuned and hung it for stationary
> chiming - it is the only bell in the tower which doesn't make it sway!
So long as it is not stationary-chimed too vigorously...
>> Trowbridge St James treble was donated by the Salvation Army, and I was
>> asked last night if it is therefore unique. I know of no other. Does
>> anybody else know of another, or indeed any other bells donated to an
>> Anglican church by either non-Conformist or Roman Catholic groups?

If I remember rightly, the 1949 tenor augmenting the ring to eight at
Fletching, Sussex, was given by a Methodist (and the treble by the head of
an insurance/assurance company).  The inscriptions on these bells (see
George Elphick's Sussex book) allude to their provenance.

On another topic, surely the story at Saffron Walden is that they didn't
like the sound of poor old Mr Bowell's four new trebles and had them recast
at Whitechapel - hence the two dedication dates.



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