[Bell Historians] Saffron Walden.

David Bryant davidbryant at mf19JWnEsRUt1KB-N2vAeHJbIg8eE-1IwtGNfq3QkgcP5d5eNJ7Zg4nxQn5naSkhy05Fk6TRuUuF62wmFeRE6r8a.yahoo.invalid
Sat Mar 18 19:03:59 GMT 2006

> 2.  Why were the four new bells dedicated again on the 15
> December 1928?  What really went on?  Were the trebles of
> the 1914 dedication unsatisfactory in some way or another ?

Bowell's 1914 trebles were recast at Whitechapel in 1928. Presumably they 
reused his RSJ headstocks. Taylor's rehung the bells in 1962 and I would 
guess that they probably replaced the headstocks.



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