Tolpuddle in the news!

Peter Whisker peter at
Wed Mar 22 21:36:51 GMT 2006

One of our local papers in Chertsey has got a story about one of the 
four bells in Tolpuddle having the coat-of-arms of Chertsey Abbey 
stamped on it. They write about the "cross-keys and sword" of St. Peter 
while showing a picture of the Chertsey Abbey bell at St. Peter's in 
Chertsey (which has the broad-faced lion of Wokingham foundry of c. 
1380) in any case!

Does anyone know what is really in Tolpuddle? I believe that some 
foundries near Chertsey  may have used the image of the Abbey Seal as a 
stamp after 1537, but am not aware of any before this. Perhaps they have 
an Eldridge bell, or maybe a mediaeval Wokingham foundry bell?

Does Tolpuddle still have a ringable 4. I think it is listed as a lost ring.

The paper is not noted for its accuracy (and that's being charitable to 
them!), so it would be nice to know the truth!

Peter Whisker


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