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Marchant, Andrew (RDS SW) Andrew.Marchant at zmHgIuh03ir4a7KTUkvwj8yM5oELPSpzaJiwuSxE9jMKVRYwE6ajNenP8699GxiUhYhKgcOqokbUlkalydWQN2go0NO76jE.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 24 13:14:48 GMT 2006

Just a random enquiry, 
I was flicking through some of my notes of the lower numbers and wondered if
anyone can fill in / clarify the details.

Penrhos, Monmouthshire, 4, I have rehung in metal H frame early 1900's. Does
anyone know when and by which foundry?

Oare, Somerset, 3, I have complete 3 by Taylors 1870's. Does anyone know
more precisely when and if there are accurate weights? Also were they were
subsequently worked on as the bearing housings have M&S on them!

Otterham, Cornwall, 3, I have rehung early 1900's in frame for 6. Does
anyone know more precisely when and by which foundry?

South Barrow, Somerset, 3, I have Taylor rehang early 1900's. Does anyone
know more precisely when? Are there accurate weights?

Pitcombe, Somerset, 3, I have Tenor recast by Taylors 1910. Is there an
accurate weight?

Thank you if anyone can enlighten me!


Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

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