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I gave you one George - some years ago!!
  In any case, the PDF is available for download on David's Bellhistorians site.
  Andrew Bull

George Dawson <george at 4GFGbNFO4fLSXEVD1zRVCT7I-W1js-CxbrqaXQ79Ak7QX9gf2ty6Kw29Oog9HuISVjiBUtaRcUwd14C1f9jx8PqartY.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
      I clearly need a Bulls Monmouth!
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  1. 28½  4-2-7
  2. 29    4-1-15
  3. 32    6-0-18
  4. 36    8-2-9
  Ex Bull's "Diocese Of Monmouth" (and JT's records)
  Andrew Bull
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Penrhos, Monmouthshire, 4, I have rehung in metal H frame early 1900's. Does
anyone know when and by which foundry?
 1. JT 1904 29.5"               
  2. IP 1623  30.5"
  3.JT 1904 32.5"
  4.JT 1904 37"
  Ex Wrights Monmouthshire


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