[Bell Historians] Singletons - was baldricks

Anne Willis zen16073 at gx4uiwQqCxleG1-ePh-iFTxDa6T_MvZP6SzSTZFVzpv5EzwTZs73Q_JL_T_c0m2AdAxR_aPYG-gszDgN.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 4 13:12:48 BST 2006

Paid to John Kemp [the smith] as followeth for the second bell: for six
Stirops and fower ears - 0-2-6; two Staples single tons & Spikes -
0-1-8; two Iorn hoops two gugins & sixpeny nailes - 0-1-2; the Stock for
the bell & Grab boxes - 0-0-8; for nailles to mend the treble & fourth
bell whels & Cords for the same - 0-1-0; the Carpenters worke for the
same bell & the other two bells - 0-3-0.

Paid for [a] thousand of Lath naylles and for dublle and singlle tens -

I suspect the ' dublle and singlle tens' are a variety of nail.  I remember
reading in a set of churchwardens' accounts an entry for 'all kinds of
nails', presumably because the writer didn't want to list them.



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