[Bell Historians] Casting dates

David Bryant davidbryant at GhwgI0Kjwe6DYnMNYRHsMqBXJixTlnOImSKF0e81Gu39hbx99shDT3S9vTkGpiBkuTFQfkSYOCnE7lGvCRlobkwyGyM.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 5 12:03:08 BST 2006

>I wasn't aware that any catalogues existed.  Previous enquiries led me to 
>believe they had ben destroyed in a fire.  If they do exist, where can I 
>find them?

The catalogues don't list every bell cast, but they do list complete rings. 
There is a facsimile of one of them in Sharpe's Herefordshire (Part  V, if I 
rememver rightly).



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