[Bell Historians] Lydd RW Info please

Martin Davies martindavies at fWHpj6DaY7xSyZbcu6Sp3QSppdrQMKVHhRCkylb1HRyXGtlwLuu9wgG4c5QB0u74P76PsNPwO-QMqA.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 23 14:22:40 BST 2006

>From Dickon
>>Just realised I do have a copy of it. Page 803 (not front page) has 
a piece about "Lydd Church Tower Restoration Appeal" with a picture of 
the tower in scaffolding on it. The article was credited to "C.J.C." 
which I assume must be a misprint for "N.J.C.". I don't know whether 
this is what you were looking for, but I can let you have a copy.<<

Thanks Dickon but this was an earlier article written by John Castell 
who was then tower captain at Lydd. The front page article was 
definitely later.



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