[Bell Historians] Warners

David Bryant davidbryant at Y3ypSyBUscxbA_N7wrogDdviyEifYnVcYxe1waonib8qdt0KZ6gGwtayzF_yJsLtDdr0Rl_oPDOGdR9FzqvfgaRY4Q.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 23 21:12:02 BST 2006

> I am pretty sure it's cast iron. It's the only one I have ever seen of this variety (see attached pic).

Is that bell really as short-waisted as it looks? Who's it by? Warner?

Am I correct in thinking the bearings (and posisbly the gudgeons) have been replaced by Taylor's?

Incidentally, I've never rung at Aldbourne but they recently featured on a Radio 3 programme on folk music, and I thought that, as a ring, they sounded quite good for an old-faishioned eight.

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