[Bell Historians] Fractions

Bickerton, Roderic K (SELEX) (UK) roderic.bickerton at VN8T-isjxbZ7iVO_ixOFBt-aEVuYMEOw5cBDPxIuP8Hi4RxpiWEVTUW-9OOMxJzh06A6V9pKPvODk3omtXa-mIb0dubf.yahoo.invalid
Wed May 24 07:56:56 BST 2006

 Plane text with a forward slash works and has been used for a lot
longer than I have been. The whole numbers just being spaced away.
Example 2 13/64" for two and thirteen sixty froths of an inch. 
The important thing is to keep it in plane text so HTML conversion dose
not screw it up.

A plea to all subscribers to "spell out" or decimalise fractions, as
they tend to go funnu in e-mails.



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