[Bell Historians] Warners,Headstock attachment

David Bryant davidbryant at H9JYWvgs0ZL9uMixCziVU8y99ViJThxu667wch4mwc7Kb3rxJU6UgFqQTXLg8mEMddrqA1Za-bgRGldKIJWPek0m.yahoo.invalid
Wed May 24 22:47:54 BST 2006

> This is the first picture attachment I have seen on Yahoogroups.
> Previously they were always removed. Now that is a real improvement, or
> was it just a fluke?

It's up to the moderator to decide whether to allow attachments. I do allow 
them on this list, but request that they are used sparingly. Photos like 
Matthew's which illustrate a point better than words ever could are great - 
just so long as nobody starts sending large numbers of big jpegs. So far, 
there have been no problems on this score!



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